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Design Greeting Cards

🟆 Greeting Card Maker Software is useful to design any kind of greeting card without need to purchase expensive greeting cards from the market.

🟆 Greeting card software provides variety of designing objects to generate colorful and attractive cards thus making greeting card designer process simpler without taking any professional help.

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Design Greeting Cards

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Software Features

Send designed greeting card to single or multiple email IDs using email settings feature of DRPU Software.

Provides flexible print settings feature to print multiple greeting cards designed using DRPU Software.

Software has option to add barcode, watermark, images etc on greeting cards.

Save designed greeting cards in different file formats such as JPEG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, PNG, and PDF.

Design and create Greeting Cards using image designing tools including Line, Ellipse, Pencil, Rectangle, Text, Picture, Arc, Triangle and Star objects.

Other Features :

  • Design your own greeting card with an option to add WordArt text-styling feature to the Greeting Card.

  • Design and create Greeting Card in Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle or Ellipse label shape.

  • Specify the color and background settings of Greeting Card including Solid Color, Gradient, Image and Style settings.

  • Provides advance option to create Greeting Card using wizard format.

Greeting Card Maker program is useful to design different type of greeting cards including but not limited to

  • Anniversary greeting card

  • New Year greeting card

  • Festival greeting card (Christmas, Easter and more)

  • Father’s day greeting card

  • Mother’s day greeting card