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Design ID Cards Screenshots

Select any one mode

Choose any one option from 'Start With Template' or 'Start By Using Wizard' or 'Open With Existing Label Format'. Here we are going to create ID card with predefined template in software.

Select Template

Select template category, card size and choose any one sample from predefined samples of ID cards. Click on 'Fill user profile' button to proceed.

Fill user profile using details from excel file

Check on 'Fill User Profile Information' to select data source manually or using dataset feature or using excel file. Check on 'Details From Excel File' option to browse excel file of id card details. Select excel sheet from data source and select details to corresponding field.

Designed id card Properties

Here is front side of designed id card, you can edit card properties shape, size, background and others.

Print preview of multiple ID cards

Print preview of multiple ID cards. You can print one side (Front) or both side (Front and Back) of id cards using DRPU software. Here we have shown both side of Id card print preview only for demonstration purpose.