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How to design ID cards?

√ How to make ID cards?

ID card design software helps you to make identity cards as per your need. You will find step by step procedure below, how to create identity cards

Select any one mode

You can design ID cards by selecting any designing mode:-

  • Start With Templates
  • Start By Using Wizard
  • Open With Existing Label Format

Here, Start With Templates mode is opted to generate ID card. ID card design tool has multiple templates designs that you can quickly modify to fit your needs.

Step 1- √ Start with Templates

First choose “Start With Template” option from the initial screen (As shown in above)

Step 2- √ Select Template Category

For designing card, you have to select “Template Category”. Different enterprise have different requirement. Therefore ID card design software provide different template category to choose according to your need.

Select Template

Now select Card Size, Width and Height as per your requirement and Choose any one sample, background or solid color.

Step 3- √ Fill user information

Next you have to fill user details on templates. You can add these details manually or using excel sheet. Click on “Fill user profile” button from above screen.

Fill user profile using details from excel file

Check on "Details From Excel File" option if you want to enter detail from excel file, then click on "Browse Excel File“ Button.

Now click on “OK” button.

√ Design ID card

After filling user information on templates, ID card preview will be shown. Check have you entered correct information.

Now click on OK Button.

Fill user profile using data set series feature

If you do not want to use excel file, you can create series using batch processing feature and then select series from data source. Click OK button to continue.

Designed id card

Here is front side of designed id card, similarly you can see back side of id card by clicking on "Back" button. You can edit card properties shape, size, background and others. Click on print option for printing multiple id cards.

Print preview of multiple ID cards

Set the print settings and click on "Print Preview" button to see the print preview of multiple ID cards. You can print one side (Front) or both side (Front and Back) of id cards using DRPU ID Card Maker Software. For demonstration purpose here we have shown front side print preview.